Every time a new Olympic Games comes around there’s chatter and buzz around who’s going to be designing the uniforms for the United States athletes.  Because let’s face it, we don’t want to just see the Games but we also want to find out WHO they’re wearing.  It’s like the red carpets for celebrities, but athlete addition.  Every Olympics there’s a famous designer chosen to create the incredible uniforms for the athletes, the uniforms that they’ll be wearing to represent the United States and compete in the most important performance of their lives.  No pressure to the designer, right?  Well naturally, we had to find out some of the scoop on the Olympic fashion that we’re going to be seeing during this Summer Olympics and share it with you.

Ralph Lauren
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The Designer
The designer of this year’s summer Olympics is Ralph Lauren.  Ralph Lauren was actually the designer for the Summer Olympics in 2012 as well.  Honestly, we couldn’t think of a better designer since Lauren is known for his iconic American way of designing and setting the standard for American fashion.  It’s a natural fit!

What We Know
There’s been a lot of buzz around what the athletes are going to be wearing for the opening ceremony for the Games.  USA Today stated that they’ve discovered the athletes are going to be decked out in a very patriotic outfit (naturally) that’s rumored to consist of white denim, red, white and blue striped t-shirts, navy blazers and patriotic striped boat shoes.  Talk about going with the All-American look, right?  When we read the description we thought this was the ultimate Ralph Lauren look and perfect for the Summer Olympics.  It screams American style in the summertime, well done Ralph!  It’s said that Lauren is going for more of a resort type of feel throughout the games with the clothes and designs created, which is truly so perfect for the SUMMER Olympics.  This type of style vibe is taking quite the change from 2012 when Lauren was the chosen designer, in that year he went for more of a dressed  up vibe incorporating ties and dress shoes into the uniforms.

American Pride
Ralph Lauren has said that he’s made major effort and emphasis on making sure the athlete’s uniforms are actually made in America.  It’s such a great way to further the patriotism and emphasize the American pride that goes along with being an Olympic athlete representing the United States.  In addition to having the uniforms manufactured in the United States to show patriotism (rather than shipping the job overseas), Ralph Lauren also wanted to do so to create more job opportunities for those right here in the US.  It’s not something that’s a huge focus in many industries, especially the fashion industry so the fact that Lauren is making it a priority is amazing.

The uniforms for the athletes during the opening ceremony have become extremely fashionable and important, it will be fun and exciting to see how Ralph Lauren represents the United States!