Eyebrow tweezing

Eyebrows have quickly become a major focal point in the makeup world.  Thanks to beauty bloggers on Instagram most of us now realize the importance of eyebrows, and shaping them properly.  While you may know that filling and shaping your brows is important and can really highlight/frame your face in a really natural and beautiful way…you might still be wondering how to make shaping your eyebrows in an easy way.   We want you to feel empowered and confident to shaping your eyebrows, so we’re sharing some of our must-know tips to eyebrow shaping made easy.

Determine Your Starting and Stopping Point of the Brow
To figure out where your brows should start and stop take a brush and point it up from the outside of your nose so it goes straight up towards your forehead.  Where the brush (or whatever you use) goes near your brow should be where your brows start – anything that’s past that should be removed.  Then take same brush and place it where it goes from the outside of your nose and the outer corner of your eye to the end of your brow – where it lands is where the brow should stop.

Create the Lines
Now that you know where your brows will stop and start, it’s time to get started!  The first step to actually creating the shape and filling in the brows is to take your brush or pencil and line the bottom of your brows.  Next line the top of the brow but only going from the middle of the brow to the end (outer corner).

Blend it Out
Now that you’ve created the defined lines, you’re going to want to blend them so they’re not TOO harsh.  Using a spoolie, go through the brows and blend the product lightly.  Once you’ve done that you can go in with your pencil/brush with more product to fill in more of the center of the brow (make sure you do so lightly so you don’t have TOO much product on your brows) and then blend again.  Blending is super important so that it softens the brows, without completely taking the product away.

Highlight Your Brow
Finally, take a light colored concealer and apply it to the area right under the brow.  This helps to highlight the brow as well as further define and really give it a clean line/finish.  Use a small brush to apply so you’re able to be precise.  You don’t need to be perfect when applying the concealer, once you’ve applied it blend it with a sponge or just use your finger.

There are a ton of eyebrow stencil kits available on the market now, if you’re not quite confident going in free-handed.  Although, just like anything else makeup related it just takes a little practice and getting used to doing the process.  Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to breeze through the process very quickly.  This process is a great way to shape your brows, super easy, and really frame your face.

Do you have a must-have eyebrow shaping technique you live by?