Retro woman

Retro-chic style can sometimes be intimidating to try to rock in real life.  It’s such a timeless look, but it does make a big statement.  You’ve likely wanted to embrace some retro-chic style into your own wardrobe a time or two, but might have held back.  If that sounds like you, you’re going to want to keep reading because we’re sharing some ways to creating your own retro-chic style so you can rock the style your way and feel gorgeous doing it!

Decide HOW Retro You Want to Be 
Often times, we think of retro-chic style as all or nothing, meaning we have to be full on retro everything or nothing at all.  But that’s truly not the case!  If you just want to incorporate a couple elements into your wardrobe that have a retro-chic vibe, that’s totally fine.  The great thing about style is you can make it your own.  So decide just how retro you want to actually be with your style – all out?  Just a little?   You know what’s right or you!

Choose the Elements of Retro-Chic You Love the Most  
Now  that you’ve decided how much retro-chic you want in your wardrobe, it’s time to determine what elements of retro you like most.  This can also help you decide how much retro you want to infuse in your wardrobe.  Use sites like Pinterest and start collecting images of the retro-chic styles you love most, you’ll likely start to notice a lot of synchronicity the more you collect and that will then help you narrow down  the elements of retro you’re drawn to most.

Retro hairstyle

Consider Your Hair and Makeup
One of the things about retro style is the hair and makeup trends that came from that era are very distinct.  This is why they’re great elements to add a retro-chic style to your look with minimal commitment and just through a little touch.  Even if the rest of your outfit is modern, adding a retro-chic style hair or makeup look to yourself can give it that gorgeous retro feel that’s just enough.

Incorporate Modern Elements
Like we said, most of the time when we all think of dressing  retro we feel we have to wear it all or nothing at all.  The key to wearing retro-chic style without looking or feeling like you’re wearing a costume is to incorporate modern elements to your style and outfits.  So maybe chose one piece that screams retro-chic but accent it with pieces that are current in style.  It will help bring your style into the current year, but still allow you to incorporate your retro-chic aspect.  You can do this easily by deciding on what you want to be your focal point when picking out an outfit, once you know your chosen focal point just work around that.  And keep in mind you don’t have to wear ALL retro to still have that retro-chic style.

There are SO many ways for you to incorporate and create your own retro-chic style, it’s really about finding what works for YOU.

Will you be incorporating any retro-chic style to your wardrobe?