Woman with braids

There are so many different ways to do your hair, but most of the time you probably stick to straight, wavy or curly hair.   We don’t normally think of creating a hairstyle that brings wavy AND straight, curly AND straight…dual textures in one hairstyle?  Well…yes!  We’ve recently seen a lot of celebs rocking a dual textured hairstyle and it got us thinking that’s such a great way to switch up your hairstyle.   At first we were wondering how hard it must be to create a dual textured hairstyle, but of course, after a little research found some key points to make it NOT so hard.

Prep Your Hair
Since you’re creating different textures in your hair, it’s super important that you prep your hair properly.  This means you need to use a great heat protector product before doing anything to your hair.  Anytime you put your hair under the stress of heated styling, it’s crucial that you’re using product to keep your hair as healthy as possible.  This hairstyle is no different.  Most experts suggest then starting by blow drying your hair with a round brush to start with a fairly solid foundation in your hair and work from there creating your desired textures.

Decide what Textures You’re Interested in Creating
Dual textured hairstyles is all about combining…dual textures in your hair.  This can mean combining straight and curly, straight and wavy…you get the point.  So you’re going to want to figure out which textures you want to combine.  Some of the more popular dual textures you’ve probably seen on some of your favorite celebs is the combination of straight and wavy.  With that texture combination typically the top of the hair is straight and from the cheekbone/chin down is curly/wavy.  So in addition to choosing the textures you want to combine, you also want to determine the actual hairstyle and what area of the hair you want to have what texture.

Proper Tools
Since you’re going to be creating dual textures in your hair, you’re going to need to make sure that you have the tools necessary to create each individual texture.  So for example if you’re creating a hairstyle that incorporates straight hair and wavy hair, you’re going to want to make sure you have a flat iron to create the straight portion and either use it for the wavy section as well, or have your curling iron on hand.  It tends to work best if you have all your tools laid out and easily accessible when creating a hairstyle like this so you’re not scrambling to try to find another tool you need.

Although it seems difficult to create dual textures in your hair, it’s really just about choosing the textures you want to create and treating those sections of hair based on your desired texture.  Think of each portion of the hair as a section and work it just as you would normally creating that texture,  it will just be a smaller section of hair than normal.

Will you try creating a dual textured hairstyle?