woman in teal dress

Wearing and choosing colors that flatter your skin tone can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many different colors in the world, especially with fashion. Not to mention, there are so many different tips and tricks that experts talk about when choosing colors that look great–but we’re not all experts. Sure, there are certain colors that look better on some skin tones than others, but what about the colors that just seem to work on every skin tone? We thought we’d do a bit of searching to figure out what colors are universally flattering. You know what? We found some pretty fun colors that look great on every skin tone, so we’re sharing them with you now.

There’s a lot of chatter about this gorgeous teal shade that’s been popular, and will continue being popular this coming season. While trends come and go, and different colors are trendy and different periods of time. One of our favorite parts about teal being so trendy is it’s a color that really is flattering on every skin tone. So the great news is regardless of your skin tone, you can rock teal and know it’s going to be flattering and it just so happens it’s pretty trendy right now too. Double bonus, if you ask us.

Deep Purple, Eggplant
Another color that may surprise you, but it’s another color that looks great on every skin tone–seriously! The deep purple shade of eggplant is flattering because it’s not too vibrant and not too dark. It’s a great mixture of cool and warm undertones, which is why it makes it flattering on every skin tone. One of the other super fun bonuses of eggplant is that because of it’s combination of warm and cool tones mixed in, you can wear it as a neutral in so many different outfit combinations.

woman red shirt

True Red
So many people tend to feel like red is an intimidating color to wear, and it’s gotten a bit of a bad rap among the makeup community. However, the true red shade is flattering on EVERY skin tone. Why? Similar to the eggplant color, true red is a great combination of both cool and warm–making it a more neutral shade which is why it’s flattering on every skin tone. While other shades of red aren’t the most flattering for every skin tone, this true red shade is different because it sits right in the middle of cool and warm (other shades of red tend to either be cool or more warm).

Blush Pink
Pantone refers to the exact shade as “mellow rose” it’s another color that may be surprising as to it being flattering for every skin tone. But this specific color is flattering because again, it sits in the middle of cool and warm. It’s not a true pink, because it has some peachiness mixed into the color, making it more of a neutral shade.

Notice a theme here? Most of the flattering colors tend to have a combination of cool and warmth to them.