woman with half-up hairstyle

It’s the season of weddings and events galore! This time of year tends to be filled with a lot of special occasions to attend. If you’re anything like us, you enjoy an opportunity like a formal occasion to dress up and do something different. Most of us tend to have our ‘go-to’ type of hair styles for formal occasions, but it can feel a little less special styling your hair the same way every time you attend a formal event. To give you some inspiration, we’re sharing the best hairstyles for formal occasions this season.

Side Braid Into A Bun
Styling your hair in an updo is always fun for a formal occasion. It tends to feel extra special and give you that more dressed up feeling-especially if you tend to wear your hair down a lot in your daily life. This season, we’re all about adding braids to the traditional go to hair styles for formal occasions. Low bun hair styles are perfect for formal occasions because you get that updo vibe and can do it right at home. To take the low bun up a notch and feel a bit more updated, it’s all about adding a braid to the side of your head starting at your part and working its way down to the low bun. It sounds like something simple, but really transitions the low bun hair style to feel like something entirely different.

woman with ponytail on the sidewalk

Updated Ponytail
Ponytails are a hair style that we tend to think of for more casual occasions, but they’re stunning for formal events as well. Of course, you’ll want to give the ponytail a little upgrade to make it feel a bit more formal. Tease your hair to create some height at the crown of your head. Leaving some pieces framing your face pull your hair back into a ponytail (at whatever height you prefer). To add some extra special touches to the ponytail, use a couple pieces from the ponytail to wrap around the rubberband that’s securing the ponytail and pin with a bobby pin. This hides the rubberband and adds extra special style to the hair.

Half-Up Braid
Clearly, it’s all about braids this season (and we’re not expecting them to go anywhere anytime soon). Half up hair styles are typically associated with more casual occasions, but that’s not to say you can’t style it in a way that feels appropriate for a formal event. Adding a braid to the half up hair style is the perfect way to change the hair style, and give you an opportunity to wear your hair down. Begin by creating curls/waves throughout your hair to establish the hair texture you want. After you do that, tease the crown of your head to create a bit of volume. Once that’s complete create two braids, one on each side of your head using the hair around/near/above your ears. Style the braids to start at the hairline and go to the ends of your hair. After the braids have been styled simply pin them back to create that half up style.