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Wedding Makeup Trends 2016

Wedding Makeup Trends 2016.Wedding day makeup can be tricky but fun, as you’ll likely wear more cosmetics than normal but still want to look like yourself. Essentially the goal is to be the most beautiful version of you, explains featured Makeup/Brow Artist Andrew Velazquez. “Makeup is emotional! If you look good then you feel good!” Finding the right makeup artist is therefore vital, and trial runs where the artist comes to your house or you go to their space to test a look is highly recommended. At the trial is where together you can determine what the best look is for you, customized to compliment your features. If dreaming of a fresh, modern approach for your big day, check out some of the top wedding day makeup trends for this year!Wedding Makeup Trends 2016 (2)Perfect Brows

Perfectly-defined brows frame the face, and without them even the best makeup looks a bit off. This season it is all about full high arched eyebrows but always groomed. Brows always begin at the middle of your nostril and end at the outside corner of your eye. Have your makeup or brow artist find your natural brow line and tweeze or wax based off of that. Your brows frame your eyes and border the main feature we look at. Having the perfect shape and following the proper proportions of your face will result in a more balanced look.Wedding Makeup Trends 2016 (3)Stained Lips

A stained pout looks all the more appealing when paired with doe eyes. Ask your makeup artist to use eye-opening makeup tricks that make peepers appear huge, and don’t forget to choose a lip stain that matches your skin tone. A slight flush to the cheeks via cream blush also helps this look considerably. These type of products tend to be water proof, making it ideal to ensure the longevity of your makeup!Wedding Makeup Trends 2016 (4)Coral

There’s a big wedding buzz concerning coral hues, particularly for springtime weddings. Make certain to use the right shade for your skin tone, as coral makeup can look ghastly if not applied correctly. Consider a more neutral look, think soft coral hues as part of eye makeup and orange-toned lip stains and sticks. This color scheme represents a youthful girly mood.Wedding Makeup Trends 2016 (1)Bold Lips

Wedding day makeup doesn’t have to be all about the eyes. Bold, crimson colored lips a la The Great Gatsby is a huge 2016 wedding trend. Red lips are an ultimate symbol of passion and femininity, making them an ideal wedding day makeup choice. Red lips symbolize a woman of confidence. Water-proof lip liners are essential to avoid the lip color from feathering. A matte finish is ideal, however if you just can’t stay away from high gloss shine, simply apply it only in the center of the lip and avoid the edges to prevent the lipstick from bleeding. Red lips can also make your teeth look whiter, and we all know how impactful a bright smile is. If going with bold red lips, you may want to keep the rest of your makeup on the simple side. Simplicity is key and choosing a featured focus keeps your look streamlined.Wedding Makeup Trends 2016 (6)Natural Radiance

A natural, glowing look is another huge wedding day trend for 2016, and one that keeps showing up on designer runaways. Rosy cheeks, champagne-colored eyeshadow, and pastel pink lips are the three hallmarks of this trend, and perfect for brides who want a more subtle approach to wedding day makeup. There is a fine line with an illuminating complexion versus a greasy face. Make sure your artist chooses the proper areas of your face to highlight and add shine to.Wedding Makeup Trends 2016 (7)Hint of Gray

Pearly or metallic eyeshadow enhanced by a beautiful hint of gray makes for a dramatic yet soft wedding day makeup look, and one that’s easily achieved. A few swipes of black mascara on top and bottom lashes along with black eyeliner completes the look. Perfect for a winter wedding or anyone who loves a smokey eye look.Wedding Makeup Trends 2016 (5)Gold Lids

Gold eyeshadow is another bold option, and one that works well for winter or fall 2016 weddings. An option that makes eyes sparkle, particularly when paired with false lashes, gold is perfect for brides who incorporated the hue into their wedding color scheme.

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