Violet Lipstick Trend 2016.Violet is such a versatile color, it can be barely there, or it can be bright, or it can be vampy. It’s super sexy, super edgy, super chic yet, unfortunately, super difficult to incorporate in most non-red carpet looks. If you feel ready to experiment with different looks this season, then you should definitely try that look. Check out the do’s and dont’s of the violet lipstick.Violet Lipstick Trend 2016 (1)Do: Keep the rest of your makeup minimal. This is a bold colour that can (and should) stand on its own. Keep the rest of your face as bare as possible, especially if you’re fair-skinned like Amanda Seyfried.Violet Lipstick Trend 2016 (1)Don’t: Forget to blend. This is what we meant by “superb blending skills.” Pixie Lott’s lips are a freaky combination of 50 shades of purple. Not a good look.
Violet Lipstick Trend 2016 (2)Do: Try a matte lipstick or stain for a sexy, retro look. It can be more subtle, so if you’re trying to ease your way into the shade, a matte finish is a great way to do so.
Violet Lipstick Trend 2016 (3)Do: Go multidimensional. Purple lipstick can make lips look smaller than they actually are, so dab a touch of gloss or pearly white eye shadow into the centre of your lips, a laKelly Osbourne, to make them seem fuller than ever.Violet Lipstick Trend 2016 (4)Don’t: Neglect the inside of your lips. Using a lip primer before applying lipstick will ensure your hue will stick where it needs to, so you don’t and up with a distracting uncoloured patch like Angela Simmons.Violet Lipstick Trend 2016 (5)Don’t: Go for a severe look anywhere else. A tight ponytail, huge hoop earrings and a dress in a matching hue are not doing JoJo any favours. Trust us, if you’re going for purple, you want your lips to be the focus of your ensemble.
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