Spring Makeup Trends for 2016. A new season means new lip colours, lip designs, and eye makeup techniques. Our beauty editor shares the Spring Makeup Trends for 2016 ideas on how to get the best look for your skin.


1.  The “Ombre Lip”
The “Ombre Lip” is the blending different shades of the same colour or more than one colour.  Start at one end of the lips and blend/fade it down to the opposite end of the lips. Another option is to fade the colour from the outside of the lip line to the inside of the lip (or vice versa)

2. Lip “Color Blocking”
Your lip colour can be used as a “colour blocking” technique against either your outfit or the rest of your makeup.  Apply an all over bold colour on the top lip and another bold colour on the bottom for

Best result. 

3.  Stacked Eyeliner
The colour stacking technique is going to be hot in 2013.  This is the method of using a “Base” colour such as Black, Brown or Graphite stacked with an accent colour such as blue, olive, plum or gold eyeliner to make the eyes pop. For a subtle colour stacking affect, add the base colour closest to the eyelid line and the pop of colour as the outside layer. For a more dramatic effect, add the pop of colour closest to the lash line.