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Prom Makeup: Ideas and Looks 2016

Prom Makeup: Ideas and Looks 2016.Getting ready for prom night is rarely quick, especially if you want the perfect prom makeup to go with your dress and hair. Find out how to do prom makeup, using the best ideas and tips that can make you glow on the big night.

Get a fresh but sophisticated look with the right prom makeup that enhances your look the right way and manages to last through a night of dancing and eating.Prom Makeup Ideas and Looks 2016 (1)Prom Makeup Tips: Don’t Focus on the Dress Too Much
Trying to have your makeup match your dress is a big temptation, but you should keep in mind that the colors that work best for you are the right choice for prom makeup. Keep that in mind even when you buy your dream prom dress.Prom Makeup Ideas and Looks 2016 (2)Makeup for Prom: Find the Focal Point of Your Look

Going overboard is an easy mistake to make, but you’ll look your best if you keep your makeup fresh and focused on your eyes or your lips, never both. You can opt for luscious lips or for a more dramatic look for your eyes, but do both and you’ll not only look like you’re trying too hard, but you also increase the risk of having runny makeup.

Prom Makeup How to: Get a Flawless Complexion

The best trick to keep your skin looking gorgeous and natural on prom night is using a tinted moisturizer or primer and a light foundation. You can also use foundation primer for perfect coverage that won’t cake up when you sweat.Prom Makeup Ideas and Looks 2016 (3)Remember to use only oil-free products, which is probably the most important tip in any prom makeup how to. Choose water-proof mascara and eyeliner if you want to keep your look fresh for the entire night.

How to Do Prom Makeup: Eyes

If you go for bold red lips, you’ll have to be more subtle for the eyes. Getting a more dramatic look for your eyes, like the smokey eye means you should keep your lips nude, with a good gloss.
Whether you choose the smoky eye look, using two or three shades of eye shadow that need to be blended well, or a simpler look with dark-rimmed eyes, make sure you don’t use too much blush on your cheeks: just enough to highlight them is the best option.

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