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OMBRE MAKEUP LIPS 2017.Nevertheless, the final failure to attribute to them is not necessary, because the sky-blue palette in a stylish transition has demonstrated to all women, as can be beautiful to present a specific range of the rainbow.Therefore, make-up for brown eyes without eyelids, called “Blue gradient”, made at home can be an excellent scheme not only for special occasions, but rather everyday image as a daily make-up.ombre-makeup-lips-2017-1ombre-makeup-lips-2017-2ombre-makeup-lips-2017-3After all, chained to your views and compliments will flow quite predictable consequences describe below in a master class with step by step photo application techniques. For this make-up is better not to use the shiny coating that will distract attention from the highlights. For example, to achieve a natural look allows a thin layer of powder on the upper eyelid.Take on a beveled brush a little white eyeliner and gently emerges arrow line.ombre-makeup-lips-2017-8 ombre-makeup-lips-2017-5 ombre-makeup-lips-2017-6 ombre-makeup-lips-2017-7Now we proceed directly to the coloring of the rim. Makeup “blue gradient” begins with a deep blue.It is important to select a shade that merges with the white segment. Visually divide the lid into three parts and turquoise shadows fill the second piece of the series. The edges smooth shaded.Next, make-up needs a little contrast. Take the second shade shadows – blue – and place it in the neighborhood.Then the outer corner of the eye does not go, but on the other side of the tracks, that between celestial palettes there are no gaps.ombre-makeup-lips-2017-13 ombre-makeup-lips-2017-10 ombre-makeup-lips-2017-11 ombre-makeup-lips-2017-12We make out the tip of the arrow at the expense of black pigment. Do not be afraid that it is too dark on the background of the previously used colors. When connecting with a bright base, shadows will be much lighter and the result will give ashy option.In order not to limit the makeup for brown eyes blue shadows the same type of decisions, such a method in practice will be very original.

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