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MAKEUP FOR THE NEW YEAR 2017.The brightness of shadows and lipstick should match the dress and accessories. According to the rules, if they are modest, then add saturated colors if and so too flashy, on the contrary.But in the year of modesty is clearly not a place at the banquet table. makeup-for-the-new-year-2017-4 makeup-for-the-new-year-2017-1 makeup-for-the-new-year-2017-2 makeup-for-the-new-year-2017-3Encouraged sparkling lip gloss, eyeliner, arrows, false eyelashes and other attributes appropriate to the nature of the sacred animal in 2017.And he is full of life, playful, funny and eccentric, incredibly adventurous and bold.Ate you please, the owner, it will reward you generously prosperity, luck, luck, and fulfill all your dreams come true.makeup-for-the-new-year-2017-8 makeup-for-the-new-year-2017-5 makeup-for-the-new-year-2017-6 makeup-for-the-new-year-2017-7

However, the line brightness and vulgarity cross is not necessary and do not forget about the make-up of the two accents: or eyes, or lips. And now all this in more detail.If you like and go to exotic colors, use them to please guests and tropical neon paint.If the focus at the party you want to do on the lips, the entire red range at your disposal. Only need to choose exactly which shade suits your skin tone.makeup-for-the-new-year-2017-9 makeup-for-the-new-year-2017-10 makeup-for-the-new-year-2017-11 makeup-for-the-new-year-2017-12

For the painted bright eye makeup artists offer candy and soft pink hues of lipstick and lip gloss.Lipstick should be applied with a brush to evenly distribute it on the lips, and be sure to use a pencil to outline darker tone.And the most important thing in any make-up – choose quality cosmetics. After all, New Year’s Eve is the longest of the year and the perfect make-up for the New Year will be one that will last until the end of the holiday.

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