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MAKE-UP TRENDS FALL WINTER 2017.Want to know what’s trendy this season when it comes to makeup?  Everything you need to know about Make Up Trends Fall Winter 2017 is right here! Keep reading!MAKE-UP TRENDS FALL WINTER 2017 (4)Here’s your essential guide for the upcoming season. Let’s find out about the latest makeup and beauty trends autumn/winter 2017. It’s important to choose shades that match appropriately with the season. Certain colours look better in the autumn and winter than they do in the spring or summer.

The wintertime is not all about dark colors, it’s more about how you take care of your skin and how you can really bring out the beauty. Along with changing out your wardrobe, changing out your cosmetics for autumn and winter is a great way to fit right in with the season.


Bold Brows

If you haven’t started growing out your eyebrows, now is the time! This trend isn’t going anywhere so make sure you have the perfect eyebrow shape.MAKE-UP TRENDS FALL WINTER 2017 (5)


What’s trendy this year? Vampy lips, Wine-stained lips, Pink lips, Plum lips and dark berry tones. Rose is a soft pink that adds gentleness to your face. Rose is great to wear in the fall as a lipstick because it softens up the face and creates a nice feminine glow for a youthful touch. Plum is a deeper colour of purple that won’t seem so bright and overbearing and it’s super fashionable too.MAKE-UP TRENDS FALL WINTER 2017 (1) MAKE-UP TRENDS FALL WINTER 2017 (3)


Ultra-long lashes on the upper-lids look great with matte skin and nude lips.MAKE-UP TRENDS FALL WINTER 2017 (2)

Pink And Peach Blush

A hint of colour on the cheeks is a great choice for this cold season to brighten up your face. Peach, this is one of the hottest makeup shades for fall, and one of the most popular shades in the fashion industry right now. The key to wearing peach or pink blush is not to go overboard.


Smokey Eye

It basically uses shades other than black, for example blue or green to do an eye look.  I recommend a matte nude lipstick if you want to wear smokey eyes. Too much of anything is bad.MAKE-UP TRENDS FALL WINTER 2017 (2)

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