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Green Smokey Eye Ideas 2017

Green Smokey Eye Ideas 2017.Hey my beautiful ladies! The holiday season is finally here, so I decided to livening up my makeup routine with lush shades of green. According to me green is a totally underrated color in the makeup world. It compliments every skin tone and eye color and is the perfect, festive color for the holidays, especially if you’re tired of the same old red lipstick, gold eyeshadow and black eyeliner look. So, here are some of the best green smokey eye ideas  tutorials to gain some inspiration from and to follow if you’re looking to make your makeup look a little more festive this season. But there are a few beauty basics every girl should know to avoid looking like Shrek.green-smokey-eye-ideas-2017-1 green-smokey-eye-ideas-2017-2 green-smokey-eye-ideas-2017-3 green-smokey-eye-ideas-2017-4 green-smokey-eye-ideas-2017-5 green-smokey-eye-ideas-2017-6If you’re pale, you’ll want to stay away from dark greens, and if you’re medium to dark, you might want to avoid lighter hues. It will be good if you incorporate a brown or black liner or other complimentary non-green colors to line your smoky eye. green-smokey-eye-ideas-2017-13 green-smokey-eye-ideas-2017-14 green-smokey-eye-ideas-2017-7 green-smokey-eye-ideas-2017-8 green-smokey-eye-ideas-2017-9 green-smokey-eye-ideas-2017-10 green-smokey-eye-ideas-2017-11 green-smokey-eye-ideas-2017-12Don’t use green shadow on the lid, crease and waterline all at once. Just a pop of green in the outer corner of each eyelid, winging out slightly is just the right amount. Choose the right green for your skin tone and eye color and mix it up with complementary tones, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how gorgeous green can be.Now scroll down to see my favorite green smokey eye ideas and tutorials and try them this holiday season.

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