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FALL TRENDS: MAKEUP 2017.Looking for a new accessory to spice up your outfits this upcoming season? Forget your expensive bags and shoes (but only for a minute) and try these sexy and enduring makeup trends that will have people turning heads.
Source: Allure Magazine

1. Plum Lips
Traditional red lipstick is taking a dramatic turn this season.FALL TRENDS MAKEUP 2017

2. Smokey Eyes
Brown shades are making there way into the smokey eye scene this season.FALL TRENDS MAKEUP 2017 (2)

3. Cat Eye
The traditional cat eye has been around for so long, but this season make it your own with bigger swoops and lines.FALL TRENDS MAKEUP 2017 (3)

4. Gold Accents
Gold is a great way to add some shine into this cold season. Use it on your eyes and cheekbones for a more dramatic look.FALL TRENDS MAKEUP 2017 (2)

5. Cobalt Blue
If you haven’t noticed, cobalt blue is one of this seasons hottest colors. Who says you can’t wear the color as makeup?FALL TRENDS MAKEUP 2017 (1)

6. Green Shadow
Straight off the runway, green shadow is a big makeup trend this season. You can wear a very subtle shade or if you want to have a little more fun  go bold!FALL TRENDS MAKEUP 2017 (3)

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