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EYEBROWS MAKEUP 2017.If your eyebrows are not perfect, do not rush to do permanent makeup. Correction of eyebrows at home alone is real.After this procedure in the cabin you will make a man like you, just having more experience.eyebrows-makeup-2017-2 eyebrows-makeup-2017-1To conduct the correction of eyebrows at home, in fact, very simple, if there is a description of the process step by step with photos.No eye makeup will not look perfect, if your eyebrows have a beautiful shape.Eyebrow includes not only the removal of superfluous hair.Give your eyes expressiveness and create the perfect image can be themselves.This requires only a few simple tools that exist in each purse.eyebrows-makeup-2017-9 eyebrows-makeup-2017-3The first step will be “marking” the desired shape. To this white eyeliner put several marks: the first on the inside of the eyebrows, second where to bend, and the third on the outside.
Now that the basic terms are defined, spend a solid line, leaving the desired width of the eyebrows. Make a loop. All excess hair will remain under a white pencil, and you will not go wrong with removing them.Remove the hairs around the loop, forming a special eyebrow tweezers for eyebrows correction.eyebrows-makeup-2017-10 eyebrows-makeup-2017-4 eyebrows-makeup-2017-7 eyebrows-makeup-2017-8Erase the white outline with a cotton pad soaked in disinfectants. You can remove the track from a pencil and an ordinary cosmetic product, but because the skin around the eyebrows “traumatized”, it must necessarily. Slight redness after such a procedure – it is normal.Apply just a little c under the eyebrow above and using the fingertips. A little powder and eyebrow area around. Brown or black eyeliner draw the outline, without connecting lines on the inner sides of the eyebrows.eyebrows-makeup-2017-5 eyebrows-makeup-2017-6

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