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Eye Makeup Trends Spring 2016

Eye Makeup Trends Spring 2016.Eyes have always been a part of a woman’s beauty since time immemorial. Description of any beauty – human or nature, is incomplete without being directly or indirectly compared to the eyes. Being a completely transparent mirror reflecting one’s personality, there’s a lot that can be done to it. Here are some very simple yet vibrant eye make ups that subtly can do the talking for you.

Smoky Eyes

Eye Makeup Trends Spring 2016

Soften, blend and smudge the different shades of dark shadow to create that smoldering look. Pair your looks with sexy smoky eyes for a romantic dinner lending the night your shades.

Cat Eyes

Eye Makeup Trends Spring 2016

There are alternatives to everything that are not natural. If you have those grey pair of enchanting eye balls, carry them with a thin black layer outlining the lower & the upper eyelids with perfectly darkened eyelashes. Be the focus by carrying this focused look everywhere.

V- Cut Eyes

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If you wish to keep it simple yet classy, then just play with the 1/3rd part of your eyes. Once again blend & smudge the dark shades of the eye shadow but only to be applied to the edges extending it bit more than the eyelids in a v- shape with a black inner eyelid.

Electrifying Eyes


Get that happening look with the shimmering golden, silver or copper to be the western girl on the dance floor or the ethnic lady in a wedding.

Speaking Eyes

Eye Makeup Trends Spring 2016

Something that goes with your everyday formals & casuals, pair simply thickened black outer ends of the inner & the upper eyelids. They very clearly speak about your dominant dignity without being very lo

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