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Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes 2017

Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes 2017.When we choose our makeup, many people tend not to think about the colour of their eyes.  They go for the latest trending colour and their eye colour doesn’t even enter their heads.  This is where many girls could show off their eyes even more so, with suitable colours for their eyes.  Bear in mind that what works for someone with dark brown eyes, may not work for someone with bright blue eyes.  Everyone is different and of course, you want to know how to enhance and show off your beautiful eyes.  Neutral and earthy tones tend to work well with any colour eyes but you can always do lighter or darker for shades.  You can also add glitter and there are so many different methods and styles that you can try too.eye-makeup-ideas-for-blue-eyes-2017-5When we go out, we want to feel perfect and when we feel like this, this can boost our confidence.  These different colours and effects will show off your gorgeous blue eyes so have fun experimenting this summer and we can guarantee you will not look back!  Take a look at our 31 makeup ideas for blue eyes.


Gold glitter eyeshadow works so well with blue eyes.  Gold team ed with glitter is amazing.eye-makeup-ideas-for-blue-eyes-2017-1Bring the sparkle to your eyes, with this gorgeous gold sparkle colour eyeshadow.  The one used in the photo is a lighter shade of gold.  This will really show off your piercing blue eyes.  As this is quite heavy on the eyelids, try to tone down your lip colour to keep the emphasis on your eyes.


Gold and peach has a lovely delicate appearance for blue eyes.eye-makeup-ideas-for-blue-eyes-2017-2This is a perfect way to open up your eyes.  Go along your waterline with a peach colour eyeliner pencil.  Then add a peach colour eyeshadow to your eyelids.  The tone used in the photo above, is a pinky/peach tone which is based more on the pink side, rather than the orange side.


If you have bright blue eyes, neutral tones look stunning.eye-makeup-ideas-for-blue-eyes-2017-3There is no need to go heavy with the bright colours to show off your sparkly eyes.  Earthy and neutral tones are striking and beautiful.  If you do want to wear vibrant colours, you can add a luscious red lipstick, which will brighten up your appearance.  Don’t be fooled by the basic colour of the eyeshadow, trust us and try it.  You will be surprised and you will love the natural look.

4. ROSE GOLD GLITTER EYESeye-makeup-ideas-for-blue-eyes-2017-4

Rose gold has been trending for absolutely everything and it’s not going away.  This colour is so pretty and girly.  You can see why this colour matches so well with blue eyes.


If you want colourful and summer eyes, look no further.eye-makeup-ideas-for-blue-eyes-2017-6

Surprisingly, blue eyes work well with blue and purple colours.  But the rule is to smudge the colours to make them smokey eyes!  This looks so good and it’s easily a day-to-night look!


We all know that black works well with any colour eyes, especially blue eyes!eye-makeup-ideas-for-blue-eyes-2017-7Black eyeshadow looks dark and mysterious, showing off your sexy blue eyes.  This is a gorgeous black smokey look with a hint of glitter.  It’s very glamourous and beautiful!


As well as rose gold, copper colour has also been trending and becoming increasing popular over the years.eye-makeup-ideas-for-blue-eyes-2017-8Blue eyes mixed with a stunning shimmering copper colour eyeshadow looks unbelievable.  It works perfectly.  The copper colour instantly adds shine to your eyes and brings out the blue.


It is wedding season and summer, so no doubt you will be invited to many parties.eye-makeup-ideas-for-blue-eyes-2017-11

If you are looking for something different and striking for blue eyes, take a look at this look.  By teaming black and white eyeliners, you will create a day-to-evening look that will look amazing throughout the day.  Make sure you add the white eyeliner to your bottom waterline to open up your eyes.  This is even a great look for festivals and just chilling on the beach!


Silver works just as well as the neutral and copper colours.eye-makeup-ideas-for-blue-eyes-2017-10

The only difference is that the eyeshadow is already light in colour so it will highlight your eyes but will not give the dark and mysterious look.  This is a great party eyeshadow.  Also, it is a great look for chilling in the sun.  When the sun shines down, this will sparkle all day!


Dark colours are perfect for light blue eyes.Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes 2017

This dark green glitter combination will enhance your blue eyes and add a touch of glam.  To create a dark but wide-eyed look, make sure you add a touch of white to the corner of your eyes.  This will break the darkness up a little.  The colours blend so well together.  Team with a light colour lipstick.

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