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EYE MAKEUP 2017.Its main purpose is the natural beauty. Top makeup artists of the world emphasize that Great daytime eye makeup, when people do not notice that on the face of cosmetics. How to achieve this effect?On this and many other things we will tell you in today’s article.To create a beautiful day make-up you will need: foundation, powder, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, blush and lipstick (luster). Daytime makeup provides natural dyes.eye-makeup-2017-1

Thus, the main tone of the face must be identical to the natural shade. Apply it should be massaged using a wide brush. Day eye makeup involves matting agent. As a rule, pastel color palette is used for daytime eye makeup. Accordingly, the eyelids are completely natural.eye-makeup-2017-10 eye-makeup-2017-3 eye-makeup-2017-4That is why it is so important to put matting agent across the surface of the eyelids. If you do not, you can use the foundation, in this case, we’re doing fine matte eyelid skin, which means that others do not see the small flaws.eye-makeup-2017-8 eye-makeup-2017-5Choose a foundation should be a special attention. If you want to achieve glowing skin effect, choose a foundation with light-reflecting particles. The second step make-up – the application of powder. However, before you use powder, apply on the fingertips a little tonal resources and draw on top of the nose and the cheeks. This technique allows you to give a person a sculptural, which, in turn, is important for daytime makeup.eye-makeup-2017-9 eye-makeup-2017-2Wealth berry shades are still fascinating. Shades of cranberry juice and ripe plums, raspberries and wine emphasize sensuality. But be careful – they are visually narrow lips.

Futurism and the arrows on the eyes lead us to the logical conclusion that somewhere there must be a Nude. By the way, are not always the lips “erased”, sometimes muted tones give birth to a new idea? So, Dennis Basso embodies the face delicate flower blossoming by tinting in light pink.eye-makeup-2017-6 eye-makeup-2017-7

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