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Eye Makeup 2016

Eye Makeup 2016

Eye Makeup 2016

If there is any color looks great on all skin tones, it’s gold. So if you have a gold eyeshadow and some glitter, consider these two new products besties. Beauty blogger Nay Vegas shows how to make your eyes with this gorgeous color.

1. Go with a paddle having golds as Lorac Little Black Palette or 144 pieces Ultimate elf Eyeshadow Palette, which has almost every color imaginable. Prime your eyes with a creamy shade. Try Jumbo Eye Pencil in Sparkle NYX naked.

2. Apply bronze, or the bottom left of Shadow Palette Lorac, the inner and outer corners of the lid, with slight movements.

Eye Makeup 2016

3. Apply dark brown, the color of the bottom right of the palette Lorac, and mix all fold a blending brush.
4. Reapply the pencil NYX for the center of the lid to help your next color stand out more. Then using a lighttan, pat shadow on the eyelid with a medium flat brush tip.

5. Mix a neutral color, usually the lightest color on his palette, slightly above the lid wiper movements, so no hard lines.

Eye Makeup 2016

6. Highlight your brow bone with a very light color that has a bit of brightness, as the color of the top right of the Lorac palette.

7. Apply a coating of black waterproof gel as Lancome Liner Design in Black Fishnets, the lid and smudge the outside corner down with a flat brush tip. Then, using eyeliner shiny gold, as gold Tarte SmolderEyes Eyeliner, pass along the outer corners of the eyes and along the lower lash line.

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