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Dark Purple Lipstick Trends 2017

Dark Purple Lipstick Trends 2017.The fall and winter time is a time for wearing dark shades, both in terms of fashion and makeup. Dark lipstick colors are what you definitely need to add to your beauty products and yes there are many of them you can choose from. The shades that are getting really popular this season are dark purple, brown and burgundy. Today, we would love to give you several makeup tips on How to Wear Dark Purple Lipstick Like A Pro. We have also chosen several makeup looks with dark purple lips that you may try to copy.dark-purple-lipstick-trends-2017-3 dark-purple-lipstick-trends-2017-1 dark-purple-lipstick-trends-2017-2The first step when you want to achieve the flawless dark purple lipstick look is to adapt your skin tone with the color of the lipstick. The simple rule is to create your skin tone to be a cool one. The cool tone can come from white skin color with less blush on the face. You should reduce the blush, but not overuse the white color, because otherwise you may create a pale look.The next step in achieving the dark purple lipstick look is to keep your eye makeup simple. This bold shade is meant to draw the attention, so you should stick to the makeup rule of keeping your eye makeup to a minimum when the lips are drawing the attention. The natural eye makeup look is the best one in combo with dark purple lipstickdark-purple-lipstick-trends-2017-7 dark-purple-lipstick-trends-2017-4 dark-purple-lipstick-trends-2017-5 dark-purple-lipstick-trends-2017-6The dark purple lipstick can be part of your night makeup looks, but also if you feel bold enough you can even wear it during day time. This dark lipstick should be supported with flawless skin. The flawless skin will accentuate the dark purple lips because it adds more highlight in the color of the lipstick. So, try using a thick foundation with natural color so it will make a nice look in the face.dark-purple-lipstick-trends-2017-10 dark-purple-lipstick-trends-2017-11 dark-purple-lipstick-trends-2017-8 dark-purple-lipstick-trends-2017-9A dark lipstick that smudges and leaves stains everywhere is a nightmare that you don’t want to experience, so make sure you choose a long lasting lipstick. Also, it is important to first exfoliate your lips. Then, use lip pencil that matches with your lipstick shade or a one that is a bit darker, to line up your lips before applying the lipstick. You can even apply your lipstick with a lip brush for

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