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Hottest Fall Makeup Trends 2017

Hottest Fall Makeup Trends 2017.This Fall is all about Rihanna’s dark lips and Kristen Stewart’s Red Eyeshadow. 2017has seen some major makeup trends and the fall brings to us another reason to try on these fresh, and chic colors.Women Fitness brings to you the 10 Hottest Makeup Trends 2017 that you’ll be seeing this Fall. 1. Natural Skin with Subtle Highlights Healthy-looking, ... Read More »

Make Up Trends 2017

Make Up Trends 2017.Gold AccentsUsing some gold accents is an interesting trend this year. And it is important not be afraid of real creamy gold features. Glittering gold shades must look like leaf-gold. It is also possible to try gold lipstick.Last year the top colour choice for the eyeshades was light lavender. This year you have to choose different variations ... Read More »

Bridal Makeup Trends 2017

Bridal Makeup Trends 2017.Getting your makeup look just right on your big day is a tricky task for any bride.You want to ensure that any imperfections are covered but at the same time you don’t want your makeup to look heavy or ‘caked on.’To put it simply you want to look like your best self on your wedding day. And to ... Read More »

Top 10 10 Makeup Trads 2017

Top 10 Makeup Trads 2017 Even if you’ve mastered the makeup looks that work best for you, it’s important to keep learning in order to make the most out of your products, and take your look to the next level.If you want your makeup to be up to red carpet standards, try some of the best makeup tricks of the ... Read More »

Valentine’s Day Makeup 2017

Valentine’s Day Makeup 2017.You can always use a lot of reds, whites, blacks and pinks on Valentine’s Day. From the balloons to the flowers, from the makeup looks to the outfits of Valentine’s Day everything reflects a feel of love. So radiate the warmest vibes through yourself spread positive vibes around and make your love gestures attract people towards you. You ... Read More »

Everyday Easy Makeup Looks 2017

 Everyday Easy Makeup Looks 2017.Let’s face it, we all love makeup, it’s just sometimes makeup doesn’t love us. We’ve all put on the wrong colour foundation, or blended the wrong combination of eyeshadows from our palette. This can lead to a makeup disaster real quick, but with the right knowledge of the colours and shades that work best for your ... Read More »

Makeup Ideas for New Year’s 2017

Makeup Ideas for New Year’s 2017.Can you believe that 2016 is almost over? We sure can’t! It only seems like yesterday that we were celebrating Christmas 2017! But the time is soon coming, and it’s tie to get serious about it. You need an outfit, nails, and more than that, glamorous makeup ideas for New Year’s Eve. Thankfully, we’ve found ... Read More »


MAKE-UP TRENDS FALL WINTER 2017.Want to know what’s trendy this season when it comes to makeup?  Everything you need to know about Make Up Trends Fall Winter 2017 is right here! Keep reading!Here’s your essential guide for the upcoming season. Let’s find out about the latest makeup and beauty trends autumn/winter 2017. It’s important to choose shades that match appropriately with ... Read More »


AUTUMN WINTER 2016-2017 MAKEUP TREND.No makeup artist working backstage during this season’s fashion shows managed to do without one thing this year: glitter was central for Autumn-Winter shows in 2016-2017. It was raining glitter, as if there were nothing else in the world! Who wouldn’t want to look like a My Little Pony princess everyday, when they leave home? Oh, we see some ... Read More »

Make Up Trends 2016 Tips

Make Up Trends 2016 Tips.Keeping your makeup as trendy as your dress on prom night is the best recipe for a glamorous night. Whether you’ve picked out your dress already or are still looking for the perfect outfit, discover a few fantastic Make Up Trends 2016 Tips.From bolder trends to the right way to do natural makeup that really draws ... Read More »