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Natural Make Looks 2017

Natural Make Looks 2017.Makeup is an easy and handy way to look charming and beautiful because through the application of makeup we can veil the facial flaws magically. Over the ages, women have been applying diverse techniques for makeup and hence it is a proved fact that one feels confident wearing makeup.These days the trend is slightly changed, women are ... Read More »

Valentine’s Day Makeup 2017

Valentine’s Day Makeup 2017.You can always use a lot of reds, whites, blacks and pinks on Valentine’s Day. From the balloons to the flowers, from the makeup looks to the outfits of Valentine’s Day everything reflects a feel of love. So radiate the warmest vibes through yourself spread positive vibes around and make your love gestures attract people towards you. You ... Read More »

Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes 2017

Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes 2017.When we choose our makeup, many people tend not to think about the colour of their eyes.  They go for the latest trending colour and their eye colour doesn’t even enter their heads.  This is where many girls could show off their eyes even more so, with suitable colours for their eyes.  Bear in ... Read More »

Everyday Easy Makeup Looks 2017

 Everyday Easy Makeup Looks 2017.Let’s face it, we all love makeup, it’s just sometimes makeup doesn’t love us. We’ve all put on the wrong colour foundation, or blended the wrong combination of eyeshadows from our palette. This can lead to a makeup disaster real quick, but with the right knowledge of the colours and shades that work best for your ... Read More »

New Year’s Makeup Ideas 2017

New Year’s Makeup Ideas 2017.Hey my beautiful ladies! New Year’s Eve is almost upon us, and a whole new round of questions comes up. First, what should I wear? Second – and most importantly – how should I do my makeup and hair? To help you in your quest for beauty inspo, I’ve put together a list of  gorgeous New ... Read More »


MAKEUP FOR THE NEW YEAR 2017.The brightness of shadows and lipstick should match the dress and accessories. According to the rules, if they are modest, then add saturated colors if and so too flashy, on the contrary.But in the year of modesty is clearly not a place at the banquet table. Encouraged sparkling lip gloss, eyeliner, arrows, false eyelashes and ... Read More »


FALL TRENDS: MAKEUP 2017.Looking for a new accessory to spice up your outfits this upcoming season? Forget your expensive bags and shoes (but only for a minute) and try these sexy and enduring makeup trends that will have people turning heads. Source: Allure Magazine 1. Plum Lips Traditional red lipstick is taking a dramatic turn this season. 2. Smokey Eyes ... Read More »


AUTUMN WINTER 2016-2017 MAKEUP TREND.No makeup artist working backstage during this season’s fashion shows managed to do without one thing this year: glitter was central for Autumn-Winter shows in 2016-2017. It was raining glitter, as if there were nothing else in the world! Who wouldn’t want to look like a My Little Pony princess everyday, when they leave home? Oh, we see some ... Read More »

Winter Makeup Trends 2016

Winter Makeup Trends 2016.I love to apply different fanciful makeups because they make me look pretty. Makeup can actually do wonders, it not only hides the flaws and blemishes but also gives a fairy touch to your entire facial look. Always choose the right amount of makeup that goes with the skin texture and tone of yourself. Today I am ... Read More »

Summer Face Makeup Trends 2016

Summer Face Makeup Trends 2016.Summer is the season of colors and hues where you see a great contrast and combination of colors in the wardrobe of women. From clothing line to the accessories, from nail art to makeup, everything goes right in the direction of the on-going season. Summer has set in and fashion is changing its side. So I thought ... Read More »