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Best 10 Makeup Trends 2017

Best 10 Makeup Trends 2017.Just like fashion and hair, makeup has also seen a revival of the popular looks from the past. From dark punch of colour to dramatic rogue to a touch of sparkle, this year’s latest makeups trends have it all. We have today collected a list of 10 popular makeup looks that you can try for a ... Read More »

Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas 2017

Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas 2017.Smokey eye makeup ideas are as limitless as the possible eyeshadow color combinations can be! Although the traditional smokey eye makeup comes either in black or brown hues, the modern makeup trends always bring new vibes and innovative ways of wearing this sultry eye makeup, playing with various hues, glittery effects and interesting eye makeup application ... Read More »

Eye Makeup Tutorial of 2017

Eye Makeup Tutorial of 2017.If you have a really popping and super gorgeous eyes, then you definitely love trying out different eye makeup techniques to bring out the beauty of your gorgeous eyes. This article will perfectly provide you with great and superb eye makeup from all over the globe which is trending in the fashion fraternity at present and ... Read More »

Fall Eye Makeup Looks 2017

Fall Eye Makeup Looks 2017.Eye makeup gives more depth to the eye sockets, eyes look alluring and worth glaring that way, isn’t it? Well it is not always easy to put on matching eye shadows that go with your personality and dress however you can always learn from the tutorials available online.Makeup is not that tough or easy all the ... Read More »

Wedding Makeup Looks 2017

 Wedding Makeup Looks 2017.Bridal makeup is entirely up to the bride. What could be great for one bride is awful for the next. Are you a bride to be that has no clue what kind of makeup to have on your big day? Many brides, often feel overwhelmed by all the planning and excitement going on around them, that they ... Read More »

Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes 2017

Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes 2017.When we choose our makeup, many people tend not to think about the colour of their eyes.  They go for the latest trending colour and their eye colour doesn’t even enter their heads.  This is where many girls could show off their eyes even more so, with suitable colours for their eyes.  Bear in ... Read More »

Summer Eye Makeup Trends 2017

Summer Eye Makeup Trends 2017.Hey there ladies! The summer is not officially here yet, but we are just a few days away from it. The hot temperatures and the lovely weather require different kind of makeup, so ladies, but away the dull winter makeup shades and take out the colorful ones. They make some pretty outstanding looks. There are so ... Read More »

Green Smokey Eye Ideas 2017

Green Smokey Eye Ideas 2017.Hey my beautiful ladies! The holiday season is finally here, so I decided to livening up my makeup routine with lush shades of green. According to me green is a totally underrated color in the makeup world. It compliments every skin tone and eye color and is the perfect, festive color for the holidays, especially if ... Read More »


EYE MAKEUP 2017.Its main purpose is the natural beauty. Top makeup artists of the world emphasize that Great daytime eye makeup, when people do not notice that on the face of cosmetics. How to achieve this effect?On this and many other things we will tell you in today’s article.To create a beautiful day make-up you will need: foundation, powder, mascara, ... Read More »

Smokey Eye Color Makeup Trends

Smokey Eye Color Makeup Trends .A smokey eye is one of our favorite eye makeup looks. It’s sexy, classic and suits everyone. The key to a flawless smokey eye is proper blending. That’s why it’s important to have at least two clean blending brushes before you start re-creating the looks below. Also, when rocking a smokey eye, remember to keep your ... Read More »