2017 Fall Makeup Trends


Besides of clothing and accessory trends latest fashion shows represented hairstyle and makeup looks that are going to be popular this fall. All of them are created by the best makeup artists. Check out this list of 2017 fall makeup trends. Natural Makeup Natural makeup will always be trendy no matter we are speaking about summer or fall trends. For ... Read More »

Hottest Fall Makeup Trends 2017

Hottest Fall Makeup Trends 2017.This Fall is all about Rihanna’s dark lips and Kristen Stewart’s Red Eyeshadow. 2017has seen some major makeup trends and the fall brings to us another reason to try on these fresh, and chic colors.Women Fitness brings to you the 10 Hottest Makeup Trends 2017 that you’ll be seeing this Fall. 1. Natural Skin with Subtle Highlights Healthy-looking, ... Read More »

Best 10 Makeup Trends 2017

Best 10 Makeup Trends 2017.Just like fashion and hair, makeup has also seen a revival of the popular looks from the past. From dark punch of colour to dramatic rogue to a touch of sparkle, this year’s latest makeups trends have it all. We have today collected a list of 10 popular makeup looks that you can try for a ... Read More »

Make Up Trends 2017

Make Up Trends 2017.Gold AccentsUsing some gold accents is an interesting trend this year. And it is important not be afraid of real creamy gold features. Glittering gold shades must look like leaf-gold. It is also possible to try gold lipstick.Last year the top colour choice for the eyeshades was light lavender. This year you have to choose different variations ... Read More »

Bridal Makeup Trends 2017

Bridal Makeup Trends 2017.Getting your makeup look just right on your big day is a tricky task for any bride.You want to ensure that any imperfections are covered but at the same time you don’t want your makeup to look heavy or ‘caked on.’To put it simply you want to look like your best self on your wedding day. And to ... Read More »

Top 10 10 Makeup Trads 2017

Top 10 Makeup Trads 2017 Even if you’ve mastered the makeup looks that work best for you, it’s important to keep learning in order to make the most out of your products, and take your look to the next level.If you want your makeup to be up to red carpet standards, try some of the best makeup tricks of the ... Read More »

10 Best Makeup Looks 2017

10 Best Makeup Looks 2017

10 Best Makeup Looks 2017.Knowing what works for your features and for your complexion is great, but it can also keep you limited in your makeup options. There are plenty of classic makeup looks that work for everyone, and you shouldn’t be discouraged from trying them.Discover the most important makeup looks you should perfect in order to be ready to ... Read More »

Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas 2017

Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas 2017.Smokey eye makeup ideas are as limitless as the possible eyeshadow color combinations can be! Although the traditional smokey eye makeup comes either in black or brown hues, the modern makeup trends always bring new vibes and innovative ways of wearing this sultry eye makeup, playing with various hues, glittery effects and interesting eye makeup application ... Read More »


 HOTTEST NEW MAKEUP TRENDS 2017.The start of a new year is the perfect time to shake up your makeup, and 2017 is bringing plenty of exciting new trends to try! If you feel like you’re stuck in a makeup rut, check out our round up of the hottest new beauty looks, and the best ways to wear them through pregnancy. This ... Read More »

Hottest Lipstick Colors for 2017

Hottest Lipstick Colors for 2017.Being out of the spotlight for several years lipstick definitely gets its power back this summer. It’s official, girl should not leave house without lipstick. Not only will you need to mark territory in new environments with chic and classic Chanel, but also make a statement. It is a good reason why a woman’s purse should ... Read More »